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Customer Testimonials

Although my hair was thinning on top I wanted an option to have a fuller look without having to have a hair replacement system or extensions, I was amazed at how well the Fullmore worked in helping me achieve this. Lucinda showed me how to use it and I have been using the spray ever since!
Emma, London

I have been using make up to disguise my thinning hair for years! I have tried both Nanogen and Fullmore Spray, both are amazing products and beat the eyeliner I used to use!!
Zoe, Manchester

I have been struggling with my super fine hair all my life and like many ladies was constantly looking at products to help achieve the look of a fuller head of hair. I have tried literally every product out there and nothing has compared to how effective Fullmore was for me.... I have subsequently advised my sister to try it, she has a lot darker hair than me but with Fullmore coming in a variety of colours that was no problem at all! We are both Fullmore fans!
Maria, London

Since using Fullmore Spray my hair issues have disappeared! It is easy to apply and lasts all day without me having to worry about it. I was unsure about how to apply it but Lucinda herself took the time to show me how to apply it all those 10 years ago and I have never looked back! I would highly recommend it!
Mae, Manchester

Nanogen fibres are a product which has quite literally changed my life!! I am a young woman and have been managing my hair thinning for many years; things seemed to get worse once I had my baby. I was really looking for a quick, easy and cost effective way of achieving the look of having a full head of hair and Nanogen fibres did just that!
Louise, London

I have visited the London studio only recently and realised on the grand scale of things my thinning hair was nowhere near to warranting the fabulous Intralace System that Lucinda and her team offer as a service. Chris, Lucindaís son, applied Fullmore in dark brown (my natural colour) and immediately my hair looked thicker and fuller! I can definitely say Fullmore really does do what it says on the tin!!
Christine, London

I have been using Nanogen fibres for some time, they are great, easy and create a look I am very happy with......... word of advice, lock in the fibres with the lock in mist! This made a huge difference to the long lasting all day effect of the fibres. Brilliant product!
Libby, Edinburgh

Fullmore, Fullmore, Fullmore!!!! What can I say! Thank you Lucinda Ellery for introducing me to such an amazing product! My hair is so thin on top that you could see my scalp in some areas. I really didnít know what to do other than wear hats! Then I was introduced to Fullmore by Lucinda and the hats are off. All I do is quickly spray and go and all day I am good to go.
Erin, Manchester

Being a client of Lucinda Ellery for some years, my hair started to grow back, however my hair wasnít as thick as I would have liked especially on top. I didnít know what other options I had at this point, then I read an article that Lucinda had been quoted in whereby she mentioned make up being a great way to help achieve a fuller look with thinning hair. I rang up the Lucinda Ellery studio and spoke to the very polite members of staff who took me through how Fullmore works as well as the colours they have in stock. I have been buying Fullmore now for the past 5 years and have never looked back.
Saira, London